Thursday, April 8, 2010

some piccas~ :)

so as promised, i've uploaded some of d piccas of d sceneries here. for d 1st phase, lets juz have a look at d beauty of india, before we go to d beast. haha. no3 its not that terrible i should say, its juz a different scenery that we rarely see in malaysia, so the right term is not bad or ugly, but its unique! (ini bkn ayat cover okey! :P)

the end point, a recreational park..

musim bunga dkt end point..hehe

malpe beach~

d way to our lecture hall~bnyk taik burung gagak :P

dissection hall..

the pharmacology building :)

interact building~our lecture hall is here :)

food court~jgn main2, its huge u noe :D

main office n d library~sgt hi-tech n wif modern security system :)

cntek kan?? sape yg tingin nk blaja kt sini cpt2 la apply. seriously i would recommend diz place, mmg sistem diorg sgt best. lecturer pon sgt approachable and expert dlm bidang msing2. tade sekeping kertas pon diorg bwk during lectures. n our biochem lecturer is a muslim guy n he's very cute taaaaw. hehe, ni yg smngt nk study bichem ni..jum2 berbiochem~ :D

i'll be back..stay tune! :))


Fau~ said...

haha sronok la dgn tmpt ampa tu...tmpt kami lg bes..haha(nada dengki)kui3..
no la..sama ja pon kt sini ada jgak tmpt cntik2 tp xmo la tnjuk kan.. ;P
huiyoo syok study biochem?sbb pa ek?sbb lect?

~Izyani~ said...

haha..mst la, tmpat kami mmg besh pon :P
alaaa nk bg smngat kt junior2 yg nk mai neh..hehe
aah2 syok blajaq biochem, sbb pape jeeee :D

Fau~ said...

xpaa smua tmpt di bumi Allah mmg ada beshnye :P
sbb pape jee??hurmm msih xleh trima tp xpe..can be accepted 4 da time being.. ;)

Fau~ said...

haa noe wut i noe y awk suke biochem..
sbaaaab b4 ni awk blaja abes chemistry masa Alevel..
so xbrapa pning sgt..
sy bljr sparuh jln je..huhu

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