Monday, June 18, 2012

my last 2months

salam semua :)

just woke up, n im blogging at 3 o'clock in the morning, with the breeze, wind and rain outside the window..heee what a feeling :p

so, how are you people? still standing?  :)

for me, im enjoying my last 2 months in manipal. ahh time just flew away. felt like i just stepped on the ground of India, but it's actually been 2 years n half months. i was 20 years old back then, n i'm already 22 now. i wonder how much time is left for me to keep breathing..hmm

INDIA, i think its gonna be the title of a long fairy tale to be told to my grandchildren in another 40years. so many good things happened here. n so much lessons that i learnt from all the five senses. just, a lot.

im sure going to miss all the people here. my babies in the orphanage, especially. n the doctors and the lecturers. atuk shenoy, oh his inspiring face. Dr urala, who called me a donkey n a cow at the same time (i wonder how i look then), Dr minakshee, a woman with a motherly touch. Dr vinayak shenoy, a man with a smiling face. his face paradoxically smiles even when he is angry. n the way he sang a hindi song while doing surgery, im sure gonna miss it. not forgetting, Dr vinayak batt, who nailed my brain with the drainage of tonsil, the jugulo-digastric nodes..haha

n the blind boy whom i met few days back. his father is selling fruits in front of the hospital. the first day i met him, he was so scared n not willing to raise his head. i gave him the same sweet everyday so that he can recognize me from the taste of the sweets. today, after eating the sweet he looked at me and smiled. a smile which touches me forever. even he doesn't have eyeballs, the smile is so pure. Allah bless u, little boy.

ok, dah mula emo T.T

to be continued. esok ada posting!