Sunday, January 23, 2011

i miss you

i hate to realize how time left me very fast. d more i try to chase it, d more i am left behind. its true, time waits for no man. yesterday, i was a small innocent girl, i woke up in d morning, wore my green baju kurung, n went to my kindergarten. how i wished to be a grown up person at that time, to have my own family, money, luxury.

i still remember hugging wan from behind on his bike, everytime i came back from school. i would sing loudly on our way back home. wan never say a word as shut up, he was very patient wif my noisiness.

i went through so many great things wif wan.


today, i am no more a small girl. i grew up very fast, i guess. im still wearing green baju kurung, but d size has tripled. im still singing, but i dont sing on the road anymore. wan is no longer around, but im still his noisiest grandchild. i would always be..

how much i miss his smiling face, his words of wisdom, his melodious snores..

sometimes im thinking, loving a person is such a great wonderful feeling, but d feeling of losing d person is too painful to endure.

but that's life, people come n go, appear n disappearing.

how bumpy my road was, lots of thorns in d middle of d way, but behind all d bitterness, i tasted d sweetness. let it be salty or sour, d mixture of tastes is what makes myself who i am today.

i miss u wan..

i will always miss u.. :')