Saturday, May 5, 2012

baby baby baby

salam everyone :)

sooo, i've been posted in obstetric and gynaecology department atau dalam bahasa melayunya, perbidanan dan sakit puan (if im not mistaken :p) since the last 2 weeks. even though i don't really like the field because of some reasons, but seeing with my own eyes what really happens during delivery of a baby is of course a priceless experience. reminds me that the same thing did happened to me 22 years back, but of course im the one being delivered instead of delivering :p n it was my mother who had gone through such a hardship just to let me see the world and become who I am today. yes, a human being. seeing the patients screaming and yelling, with blood, stools and urine came out all at once, im sure it doesn't feel good. it must be painful. yup, it's not easy. definitely not.

today, i witnessed labour for the 3rd time. 3 patients in the same room, one has just delivered the baby, and she was breastfeeding her baby. all the pain had gone after being able to hug her very first baby. the baby weight was 3.6kg and he looks soooo puffy and fluffy. the 2nd patient, she was still struggling. while the nurse was shouting bikibikibikiiiii, which means pushhh3, I saw a drop of tear on her face. the face which defines all the pain. :( n after few minutes, the head of the baby came out, then the body, and the legs, and the feet. n she cried. a cry which makes everyone happy. the baby is alive, and she's breathing. :D horaaaaaay!

and the last patient, she was delivering for a second time, and thing goes a little easy for her. just with a few 'pushing' efforts, pluupppp the baby came out. heeee :)

hello little buddy, say hi to the world. grow up well and become a good person ok? it's going to be a tough journey ahead, so u need some courage to go through everything. this dunyaa distracts, but im sure u'll do well. n i pray that u'll grow up as a muslim, a good slave of Allah. aminn :)

and thank you mak, for bearing all the pain, for going through so much difficulties, for letting me stay in ur tummy for 9 horrible months, for everything u've done to me. hanya Allah dapat membalasnya.

*insaf* :')