Saturday, April 17, 2010

izyani vs sport..

Ayat2 lazim my fren, esp fina :P :

Yaniiiii!!asal ko xske sgt g jogging!!
Yaniiiii!jom g court, maen netball..ko sorg je tanak g..
Yaniiii!ko da gemok!

haha..since i was 13, all diz sayings are very familiar n common to me. yes, i hate sports damn much. maybe diz got something to do wif my life history. when i was in standard 4, i joined d school netball team for a state competition. yup, dun think im so kaki bangku dat i cant play anything okei! :P at lez i know d rules n regulations in a netball game *blink2*. n, i represented d school for single n double badminton competition. eventhough its been ages, im still proud of all dat reputations. AT LEAST, sy penah pegang bola netball n raket badminton. yeah everyone should take diz into account ok! n i hve ONE badminton medal. haha. pity izyani!

so, d story began when i joined d netball team. i started as a very bad beginner; being chased by d ball instead of chasing d ball. n after years of practising, finally i was d CENTRE. i did well in d netball games, but i started to neglect my studies until one day, i was called by my class teacher. n yeah i got free lectures from her, she said dat im going to be regret if i keep paying attention on netball instead of studies. n she humiliated me in front of my classmates, kept praising my friend who got d highest marks, n kept blaming netball for being d primary cause of my failure. for a 10-year-old girl, dat was totally a hit of my life. d next day, i quited from d netball team, n dat was d last time i touched d ball. huhu. n i started hating sports.

during secondary school years, d event dat i hate d most : Sports day. i'll try to do all d things i could to run away from being participated in d event. i pretended to be sick just to go to d clinic n get an mc, upsss... :P , n i tried to get involved in other non-sport events just to get myself far far away from d field, n d track. n waktu riadah plak, i was classified into d most honoured group, which is known as ' group riadah bwh pokok'. haha. itu riadah mulut nmanya :D

so dats d story. n now, im trying to change everthing. i studied muscles, n i realized dat diz muscles need a good blood circulation to function well. n any problem in d blood circulation will lead to paralysis. n d only way to improve d circulation, is by reducing fat contents in our body, in other word, by exercising. so guys, wish me luck!!

errr..kalo skipping2 dlm bilik pon da kire exercise kan?? :))


Anonymous said...


~Izyani~ said...

nice bcoz we r in d same boat??haha :P

Fau~ said...

eh2 msih bangga sbb ada org yg typical mcm dia..ish3
sdangkan Siti Aisyah beriadah bersama Nabi..inikan kita manusia keep it up gurl..
jadikan kehidupan Siti Aisyah as ur model..gurls also can do aite..
of coz skipping kt mana2 pon bule gurl..skipping kan gud for our
even kerja kita berdepan dgn org sakit tak semestinya kita xkan sakit?
renung2kan~selamat beramal.... ;)

~Izyani~ said...

ouhhh kalo i pon ada org tman smngt jee..heh :P
insyaAllah i tgh try la ni..
hola3 dok skipping dahh.. :)

[sakuradila] said...

yani!dah fly rupanya~~~
chayuk2 ye dok sane!

~Izyani~ said...

gud luck jgak k :)

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