Saturday, July 10, 2010

knapa pilih india??

the path dat everyone has to take is different. some people are born with blessings, all their dreams come true, but for some people, they have to take a long2 journey, before they can actually achieve their dreams. no matter what it is, a dream is a dream, n if we really want to make it comes true, work harder, pray harder n let Him decide whether we deserve it or not.. XD

i never wished i would finally landed in a foreign land called india. i cried a litre of tears when i got d offer letter, because i was dreaming to play wif d snow, wearing winter coat and boot, enjoying d beautiful sceneries. but i ended here, in a crowded place full of dusts, wif a totally different scenaries. lots of beggars, lots of handicapped people n lots of struggle, hardship and poverty. u can even find some extra ingredients in d food, semut, rambut, lipas. just name it, n they have it. for sometimes, i cant accept d fact dat when my friends are going to d places i wished to be, i have to continue living in diz kind of hectic life.

but today, im enjoying my life here. let people say, 'knapa pilih india, india tak bes la, india dirty la, this and that', for people who know the beauty hidden behind all this, they will learn to appreciate. im happy here :)

this post is posted after receiving dis statement, 'knapa pilih india?euwww....india'.

i dont hate d statement, but i just...

dont like it..


Asyraf Spark said...

nnt travel g north india bulan 2, sana pun ada salji xD

~Izyani~ said...

hehe..of coz!

Pika pongpong said...

well said izyani..
yup dat's so true..
the most precious things
in this life is when we're able to 'see' things that most people don't.

Gud Luck besties..


~Izyani~ said...

yup2 btol tu pika..thanks fwen :)

Fau~ said...

hehe..slamat mmenghadapi segala onak & duri ;) =D

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