Saturday, April 14, 2012

because we are different

everyone is growing up. our attitudes, thoughts, perceptions, everything changes with time. n the older we are, we have so much to say, n we expressed our opinions differently. some will say it out loud, some will keep it to the heart, some will write.

people differ in their thoughts n their opinions because everyone has their own threshold. some people cry while watching movies, some will just say, why are you crying? some people get mad when a beggar comes near him, some will just smile and give the beggar some food to eat. some people don't even care when others are saying bad things about him or her, but some will end up bursting into tears. some people talk endlessly, n some will just stare at her and say, have u gone mad today?

And that is why, along the way we bump into many kinds of people who make a dent in our lives. some people sell fruits, some play guitar, some know Shakespeare, some are babysitters. because we have our own threshold, and we are different in our own ways. i don't eat ikan keli, but that doesn't mean that i have to hate ikan keli, or those people who love eating ikan keli. the differences are something to be respected, of course within the limitations. by showing some respects, we will be respected as well. always, there's no harm in being different, because if we are to be born the same, imagine how stereotype the world would be. if everyone speaks, who will listen? thus, Allah created us to be different, some ppl are good speakers, n some are good listeners. n that is why, there's something called as, give and take :)

everyday when we wake up, see the sky, look at the sunshine, listen to the heart,
it's beating.
Alhamdulillah, we are alive.

n as long as we are alive, live a life without hatred, respect others, do our best, and God will take care of the rest, insyaAllah :)


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