Saturday, July 23, 2011

today's lessons

another trip to the orphanage, but this time it is far more touching n moving than ever T.T

today i met a new boy living there, he's just 5 years old n his parents had just passed away. he's a very shy boy, he rarely speaks. n the 'seniors' there enjoy bullying him, pinching his nose and shouting on his face. n this small boy, he'll just cry, alone. he has no one to tell or at least share his sadness. at least when i was 5, i have grandparents, parents and so many people around me to wipe my tears when i am sad. looking at his face, i was wondering what would happen to this small little boy 20 years to come. i hope he'll grow up well, and become a good person, even without proper clothes to wear, good food to eat and most importantly, PARENTS to take care and love him endlessly.. :'(

life is not cruel. life is just treating different people in a different way. but why these innocent wonderful kids are chosen to go through this kind of life?

only God knows. there must be something better for the kids, i believe...

they looked at my highlighters, they didnt even know what it is. when i showed them my phone, it's like a miracle has happened, that they are able to at least touch a magical thing on earth. when i kiss them, it seems to be the happiest moment in their lives. i see those shining faces, full of hopes n relief, that the outside world at least do realize their existence. im touched. my heart just sank when a girl suddenly came to me, n asked me to kiss her, just a small kiss which makes her smile sooo widely.. T.T

Ya Allah, please bless them. please make their ways easy.. amiin

another lessons for today, always be grateful. nothing lasts forever, so enjoy every single little thing that we have, because that small thing might make a big difference when it is, a mum's kiss!



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