Wednesday, March 31, 2010

new spirit =)

hi guys. i think there's no need to introduce myself, cuz since ur here in diz blog, u must be sumwer from my fb profile r my old blog aite? so, d only reason for me to hve diz new blog is dat there has been a big change in my life recently, my life agendas are changing bit by bit, and this should be a turning point between my 'teen' life and 'ty' life, since i am a 20-year-old-girl now. my life in the past is now a history, but the history is actually what makes myself today. after all, im still nur izyani farhana, its just dat i need to grow a bit, see the world in a different view, n make my life sumting not to be regret :)

i am currently in manipal, india. i just started my mbbs, i bet its gotta be a journey wif 1001 challenges from diz point onwards. my family n relatives keep asking me, 'btol ke nk jd doc ni? tak takot ke nk pgang2 mayat?'. but my decision was final, diz is what i want since i was a small tiny minute girl. even during my childhood i play doctor2 wif my cousins n neighbours :D so, it does not matter how difficult the game will be, as long as i have taken part, im juz gonna do my best, and let Him decide the rest.

So, wait for my upcoming posts, its going to be a never ending story about my life as a medical student, and insyaAllah, a future doctor :)


Rudy ZAin said...

game huh?? xtau lak mbbs ni satu game~

~Izyani~ said...

game ni bkn mcm dota tu..its a life game.. :)

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